Kwik Draw Air Tester Tubes


The compressed air monitoring set UNIPHOS KWIK DRAW (Former MSA) Airtester “high pressure” is used to determine the content of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil and water vapour in breathing air from compressors and compressed gas cylinders.

Improvement had been made to existing MSA Model, with main feature of Kwik Draw Air Tester Set will have multiple detector tube holders, for the concurrent testing of multiple air tester tubes, hence shortening the amount of time needed to carry out a complete test.

According to EN Standard 12021, air for respiratory equipment must meet the following quality requirements:

Max Content of Measured Component in Breathing Air (EN 12021)
Carbon Monoxide 15ppm
Carbon Dioxide 500ppm
Oil 0.5 mg/m3; Odor and taste free
Water Vapour 50 mg/m3 at 200 Bar
35 mg/m3 at 300 Bar
25 mg/m3 if sampled from compressor
MSA Auer Airtester “High Pressure” Set Part Number: D3188001

MSA Auer Airtester “High Pressure” Set Part Number: D3188001

MSA AUER Airtester HP, Part number: D3188701
Complete with case containing:

  • Test device consisting of pressure reducer
  • High pressure gauge
  • Flow meter with adjusting valve and water level
  • Detector tube hold
  • Adapter for 200 & 300 bar, one each for connecting to compressor charging panel
  • Timer
  • Gas detector tubes tip breaker
  • Gas Tubes for measuring, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapour and Oil – one packet of 10 tubes each
Accessories and Spare Parts Part Number Remarks
Detector tubes CO-HP D5085847 Range: 5 – 70ppm
Detector tubes CO2-HP D5085848 Range: 100 – 2000ppm
Detector tubes H20-HP D5085849 Range: 5 – 160mg/m3
Detector tubes H20-HP D5085851 Range: 10 – 200ppm
Detector tubes H20-MP D5086851 Range: 100 – 1000mg/m3
Detector tubes Mineral Oil D5085850 Warning Marks
Test device D4074937
Gaskets for Connector to Cylinder D4080948
Gaskets – lifter D4060989
Detector tube holder D4074058
High pressure gauge D4080073
Timer D5185020
Tube tip breaking device D5085012
Case D5185911
Case insert D5185931

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